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Celebrating Workiversaries


One of our favorite KM work perks is celebrating “workiversaries”! A workiversary is the anniversary of an employee’s start date with the company — and just like any other anniversary or birthday, we acknowledge that special day each year! At KM, workiversaries signify an extra day off, and while not all companies do this (#humblebrag), there’s nothing stopping you from celebrating each year’s professional and personal growth and accomplishments. Here’s some of our pro tips on how to do just that, whether you have the day off to relax and recharge or not!

Treat Yo Self

There are so many ways [and reasons!] to indulge on this day. If you are at the office, consider taking your favorite coworker out to lunch at your favorite nearby restaurant. We’re positive calories don’t count when celebrating such a milestone! Not a foodie? Maybe send yourself some flowers to brighten up your desk! Have some built up PTO? We’re big fans of hitting the spa or the links for some quality “you” time.


Schedule a meeting with yourself to reflect on all your accomplishments throughout the year. Keep a running list so that on each workiversary you can recall your proudest. It’s easy to get caught up in the monotony of routine tasks, year after year, but we have no doubt by reminiscing with a journaled list you’ll see a growing number of reasons to give yourself credit! This exercise is also helpful when setting goals for the upcoming year, such as metrics you strive to hit, professional development courses you’re interested in, etc.

Catch Up

Often times we get so caught up in work, extracurriculars, and personal commitments that sometimes some of those mundane tasks start to build up… like the laundry! If you decide to go the KM way and take your workiversary off, you may find that spending time on chores [while not exciting] can provide a great sense of refreshment and leave you energized to tackle what’s next in your work [and personal] life.

Share Your Gratitude

Your workiversary is a great excuse to reach out to coworkers, bosses, mentors etc. who have helped you accomplish all that you have over the last year. Whether it’s a Starbucks delivery, thank you email, or a call on your commute home, there are so many ways to show gratitude. It’s also a great way to open the door for feedback on how you’re doing and what you can improve on rather than leaving those conversations for a formal review.

However you choose to spend your day, make it a great one! You deserve it.

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