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Decoding the Data Scientist


We’ve told you before about how now is an incredibly good time to be a Data Analyst, but it’s also a really good time to be a Data Scientist. Wondering the difference between the two?

Well the most helpful explanation we’ve found is Data Analysts are focused on describing the past while Data Scientists are focused on improving the future. Because not everyone can be successful in a Data Scientist role, we have compiled a list of characteristics every good Data Scientist should have.

You Are a Problem Definer as Opposed to a Problem Solver

A Data Scientist’s job is not to fix things, but to find the right problems, inspect them, and then present them clearly so they can be solved properly. If you are curious about why things fail, discovering inefficiencies, and nosing out disconnects, a job as a Data Scientist might be for you! Finding the hidden meaning and investigating data is likely the fun part of a Data Scientist’s job.

You Are a Builder

Helping guide changes through model design and building is another major responsibility of a Data Scientist. If you are interested in cleaning data, preparing it for modeling and experimenting with data models, this career is the one for you. Understanding a variety of complex infrastructures is what makes good Data Scientist shine as they can produce better results having the background knowledge in the infrastructure at hand.

You Are a Coding Mastermind

If the idea of writing and executing complex queries in SQL makes you cringe, you are probably not a Data Scientist. Even if you gravitate towards NoSQL and Hadoop, you should still generally enjoy SQL because you will still be required to use it and from time to time.

Working with Python and unstructured data are musts, but having experience in unstructured data will give you more opportunities with a variety of different companies and industries.

Now that we have decoded the Data Scientist, we hope we’ve helped steer you in an appropriate direction for your career based on your interests and skills. If you are looking for a Data Scientist position, you are in the right place. Click here for current openings.


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