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Employee Spotlight: Lizzie


In the first edition of our employee spotlight feature, we’re chatting with Lizzie, our awesome Client Support Lead! Lizzie acts as a go-to expert for both our sales team and our consultants as we work to quickly get them onboarded and working! Our CSS team, is known to be one of the sweetest (and most patient) departments at KM and Lizzie certainly exemplifies that (I mean she’s been MAS-hole of the Month, four times in her 22 months here)!

How would you describe your job in three words?

  • High-energy

  • Detailed

  • Rewarding

What do you love most about working at KellyMitchell?

First and foremost, my colleagues – I’ve both learned so much from them and made some lifelong friends here.

What’s your favorite KM memory?

We have a lot of group outings that have all been incredibly memorable, but the top has to be our “Day with Mark” – celebrating our office’s charitable donations by bouncing around to fun activities in Saint Louis all day with the team.

How do you think you’ve grown since you got to KellyMitchell?

I came in with a lot of customer service experience, but KellyMitchell encouraged me to funnel that into all aspects of my job; treating each co-worker, candidate, and client as a customer to ensure each interaction is productive and satisfying.

What’s one fun fact most people don’t know about you?

I fancy myself an amateur chef and have the equipment to prove it – though my knives frighten me a bit as I am also a huge klutz.

- - -

The CSS team that Lizzie sits on is hiring for a Client Support Coordinator, so if you’d like to work day to day with Lizzie, check out the job posting!


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