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Friday Favorites: Cross Platform Mobile Apps


We are seeing a lot of new positions come across our desk involving cross-platform mobile development. While some developers have their niche with iPhone or Android, others are taking full advantage of the industry’s need to develop for both. Since it’s Friday, we thought we would dive into some cross-platform apps that have all the right features.

Bands In Town

This app takes cross-platform to another level with Facebook integration as well as iPhone and Android compatibility. A well-developed app that promises you will never miss news of a concert in your area and provides a closer connection between artist and fan? Yes please!



Always among the cross-platform super stars making those ever-so-frequent “Best apps” lists, Evernote works as a hub for your personal and business to-do lists with collaboration. Never forget the milk again, never miss the conference call, and never have a todo list that is three months old. This user-friendly and feature-packed app is what Type-A dreams are made of.


Got a friend that moved overseas? WhatsApp will keep you in touch via messaging and phone calls, across four platforms. It’s end-to-end encryption keeps your communication confidential and even allows you to “Send PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, slideshows and more, without the hassle of email or file sharing apps.”

Group chat keeps your buddies all connected in running conversations for a user experience that beats all the other messaging platforms. To keep the connection, WhatsApp is the winner.

Cost: Free (data charges may apply)


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If you find yourself in the market for the latest cross-platform mobile app development role in your city, check out our open positions and drop us a line.


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