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Friday Favorites: Most Memorable KM Moments


We were feeling a little nostalgic this week and so we sent out an email to our coworkers and asked, “what’s your favorite KM memory?”. What we got back took us on such a trip down memory lane that we just had to share! So join us on this special edition of Friday Favorites as we flashback on some of those stories, from celebrity run-ins to helicopter rides!

“Taking our entire Chicago office to the Cubs game to enjoy the quality time together, even if I am a Cardinals fan.” -Kim Paxton

“Some of my favorite times with KM were just some of the slower days of laying on the office rug with 3 or 4 of my teammates, propping our feet up on the couch with our laptops on our stomachs, looking at our computer screens with double chins, sending messages, chatting, giggling, enjoying the simple still moments on the job. There are so many of those times I can recall, such a small moment at the time, but I think they had the biggest impact on making me feel like this is my home.” -Kendall Gallagher

“One of my favorites was when I went to lunch with a colleague and we ran into Ben Stein. We had him call Mark and tell him that we weren’t going to make it back to the office. “Maaaaark, Maaaaaark”, spoke just like his character in Ferris Bueller. That was pretty entertaining. 😊 Of course Mark said, get back here and recruit ASAP and stop hanging out with celebrities!” -Erin Dean

“Moving into the new office! It was so fun to get everything set up and in place and then even better to see the look on everyone’s face when we were finally able to reveal it!” -Ellen Hickey

“My first-ever trip to St. Louis! At the time, I was a recruiter and had set an “impossible” goal to hit by Christmas 2018. I was *thankfully* able to hit that goal and had a weekend full of fun during my time in STL. I worked out of the infamous loft-style office, ate lunch at Straub’s (THE KM staple), and tagged along with Jamie on manager meetings. The highlight of my week was my first ever client Christmas parties – both with memorable stories attached 😊 At the first, I was able to meet countless consultants who I had brought into the KM family. Fun fact, I still have a handwritten note on my desk that a consultant gave me that day. At the second, I bonded with a client that we had actually not landed yet and hit it off so well with the team that in a few short months, we were added to the supplier list and the rest is history!” -Dana Albertson

“One of my favorite memories at KM was when Cassandra came out to speak at a meet-up here in Seattle last year (do I miss those right now!). The office invited all our clients and it was a wonderful evening of conversation and networking. Having our community get to listen to Cassandra’s “Why” was empowering and definitely helped bond our relationships all around!” -Morgan Mosset

“Zip-lining and white water rafting in Colorado on our leadership retreat! Jamie ended up taking over the stage with the band – true to form 😊” -Julie Harris

“One of my favorite memories was on my first KM incentive trip, we went to Vegas, and took helicopter rides to the Grand Canyon! I had never done anything like that before and it was definitely a memory I’ll never forget. Thanks, KM!” -Lindsay Maldonado

“It’s not in the job requirements, but we have some incredible singers and performers across KellyMitchell. On a work trip a couple of years back, our group found ourselves at a local bar with a live band. We convinced them that it was Jamie’s birthday and that she was an awesome singer (which she is), and so after a few minutes of A+ salesmanship – they handed her the mic. It was an awesome night!” -Gina Chisholm

“One of my favorite KM memories was a team bonding adventure we did here in Seattle. Our President and EVP were both in town and took the team out for a night of Axe Throwing! What better place to feel like a lumberjack than in the Pacific Northwest! Being the competitive team we are, we also turned it into a night of competition! We had a great time, a lot of laughs and I even threw a few bullseyes!” -Amy Zbaren

“Oh there are so many, it is hard to pick just 1 😊 I loved in the fall during the Art Festival we would head out on a Friday afternoon and walk the streets of Clayton. It was such a blast enjoying the start of fall and being with the group. I would say Parties in the Park would be the same, just such a great bonding experience and it was there that I learned the proper way to serve a beer. Very important lessons in life 😉” -Debra Kirn

“One of my favorite KM memories is when I took a brief departure from the client-facing/recruitment side to lead our shared services team. I had so much to learn, and since we were rebuilding our team at the time, had to lean on Gina and Deb to show me the ropes, which often meant staying at the office till at least 8:00 at night just to make sure we were ready for payroll. The circumstances led to a lot of bonding over pizza and the occasional beer while husbands were left at home to handle evening routines with the kids, but I am so grateful for the growth and learning that happened over those months. It seemed like it would never end, but we pretty quickly came out on the other side better, stronger, and with lots of laughs from those nights. This is such a dear memory to me because I gained an infinite amount of appreciation for my KellyMitchell teammates, and a much better understanding of our business, which has helped me so much in navigating my career with KM since then!” -Jamie Orf

“One of my fav memories was an all-internal KM trip to Chicago for a Cubs/Cards game – we had the entire rooftop rented out a few years back!” -Jen Zang

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