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Friday Favorites Round-Up

Because it’s Friday and there’s no better day to hop around the internet finding cool things in professional development to share.

Favorite Thing We’ve Read All Week

You can be passive, aggressive, or passive-aggressive, but how do you become assertive? According to Eric at Barking Up The Wrong Tree, it’s all about control and the way we think about it. If you occasionally find yourself limited by your own lack of ability to speak up, read this great article.

Favorite Team-Building Secret

Adapted from Charles Duhigg’s book ‘‘Smarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Productivity in Life and Business,’’ this article takes us through Google’s attempt to build the perfect team and their surprisingly simple findings. It’s a bit long so grab a cup of coffee first!

Credit Illustration by James Graham

Favorite Holiday Shopping List

What kind of blogging masterminds would we be if we didn’t toss in one of our own articles from time to time? This one is sure to put you at the top of the responsible parent/aunt/uncle list during the gift-giving season. Check out these amazing STEM toys that will actually (maybe) make your child a better human someday.

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