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Friday Favorites: Super Bowl LII Edition


In anticipation of Super Bowl Sunday, we’ve pulled together a few of our favorite throwback Super Bowl commercials! Whether you’re a Patriots or Eagles fan [or neither!], we think you’ll enjoy re-watching these classics.

Apple not only introduced the innovative Macintosh computer, but also raised the standard for all Super Bowl commercials following the 1984 airing! Talk about the real MVP…

Volkswagen re-entered the Super Bowl advertising arena in 2011 with Force! The remote start technology was impressive, but we think most would agree with us that mini Darth Vader was the fan favorite!

Always intercepted a series of carefree ads in 2015 with an emotional and empowering message. As a WBE, it had us all cheering in the end zone!

Cuteness overload! No need to choose teams – Budweiser won over the stands with adorable, heart-felt puppy love. This year, they’re kicking off Super Bowl LII with a comical, touchdown-worthy teaser, check it out here!

- - -

As we’re tuned in on Sunday watching the top talented athletes compete, we’ll also be recruiting our own top tech talent! Interested in a new opportunity?


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