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Friday Favorites: The Best Content to Get You Through Quarentining


We know quarantining is pretty challenging, especially for all the extroverts out there. To mark the end of week one, we wanted to round up some of our favorite content that's been getting us through the days!

Tank's Good New Instagram Page

Tank's Good News bio says it all, "Positivity with a hint of humor." Content like the post below makes this page a must follow during these crazy times.

Take a Virtual Tour of The J. Paul Getty Museum

With pieces of art ranging from 8th to the 21st century, Google Maps has used their street view technology to take us inside The J. Paul Getty Museum, which would otherwise be closed right now due to the 'stay at home' measure in California. Take a virtual stroll around the museum and get up close and personal with many of the pieces in ways you likely wouldn't be able to do even in person. Check it out here.

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 7.52.44 AM

JoJo's redux of "Leave (Get Out)" Corona Edition

*warning some strong language used

To anyone who ever belted JoJo's seminal hit Leave (Get Out), this one is for you. With her new single "Man" recently released, she additionally shared a short ballad to encourage us all to stay in and ride out the Corona crisis.

If you saw a video circulating earlier this week of some penguins going on a tour of their aquarium, it was likely from Shedd. Their Twitter feed is made of lots of great content of other animals exploring and living their best life. In the meantime, here's a tweet from some Canadian Geese reminding us all to maintain good social distancing.

This Ellen Show Instagram Post

No words necessary.

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