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Game Changing Resolutions


Welcome to 2019! While the holidays have unfortunately come to a close, the New Year offers us the chance to take that energy and momentum and challenge ourselves with new goals! So for those looking for some resolution ideas perhaps outside of your average goals, take a look below for four of our favorites for 2019!

Make Career Development Experiential

You are likely already taking steps to further your career, whether it’s an industry podcast or online classes. For 2019, take it to the next level and take it IRL with in-person opportunities. Maybe it’s a week-long course taught by a professional association or a local tech conference, whatever it be, have it be in person! Not only will the experience have more of an impact on you but you’ll have an opportunity to network with potential collaborators, mentors, and colleagues!

Find a New Hobby

The New Year in the slower winter months is the perfect time to learn a new craft. Finding a new hobby or activity might not directly impact your career but it could certainly influence it. Steve Jobs famously credited the time he spent learning calligraphy as having a huge impact on the design aesthetic at Apple. Another benefit? It’s a great way to keep stress levels down!

Find a New Organizational System

While getting things organized is certainly not a new idea for a New Year’s resolution, we want to challenge you to take that a little further. If getting organized is on your list of resolutions yet again, we might go out on a limb and say that whatever system you’ve been using might not be working best for you.

Take some time this month to look into other systems that could work for you. Perhaps sorting by category isn’t working and organizing based on priority or deadline would be better. Digital to-do’s not cutting it? Maybe trying a bullet journal would be better. Take the time to work on this now, because it will set you up for more success as the year progresses.

Commit to Tech Free Weekends

In such a digital age, we increasingly spend more and more time in front of a screen. While this provides us so much access, it’s important to additionally take time to recharge yourself so to speak. Find a weekend every quarter to take 48 hours to unplug. Even if you can’t fully do this, think about spending the weekends sans social media, that’s always a great place to start!

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