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Gift Ideas for Every Dad!


If you didn’t know, Father’s Day is this Sunday. Yes, this Sunday! Wondering how to make dad’s big day special? You can spend time with him, let him know how much you appreciate him, and, of course, give him a super awesome gift! We’ve made a list of only the coolest presents that are sure to make any dad feel loved.

The Digital Dads

Who says work can’t be fun? With a pen that automatically transfers your writing onto your smartphone or computer, your dad will love taking notes. It’s the quickest way to get your physical notes digitized and can even transfer your writing into digital text. It’s handy, simple to use and totally up any “techy” dad’s alley. (Livescribe 3 Smart Pen)

If your dad is constantly behind the lens snapping pictures and capturing moments, he’ll love this. Any iPhone can instantly take and print photos out using the Prynt Printer. He can even watch his photos come to life by using the Prynt app. Videos can be “added” to the printed photos and the videos become visible when you look at the printed picture through the app. Sounds fun, right? (Prynt Pocket Instant Photo Printer)

Kids at Heart

Bring out your dad’s goofy side with a new toy for Father’s Day. If your dad played with makeshift spaceships or rockets as a kid, a drone is definitely an upgrade and is sure to make him smile. The drone we chose is equipped with a camera, is easy to use, and extremely fun. (F181W Wi-Fi FPV Drone)

Another way to get him reminiscing? Let him see a childhood favorite come to life! An interactive Star Wars R2-D2 toy is available now. This little robot hooks up to your smartphone and can be programmed to move and make noise. This R2-D2 can even act out certain Star Wars scenes right in front of you… how cool is that? (R2-D2 App Enabled Droid)

Sappy and Sentimental

Give your dad a gift that speaks to him. You can get a sound file turned into an artsy picture of the sound waves along with the words quoted below it. The art comes with a QR code that, when scanned, will reveal the actual voice recording. This means dad can listen to the sound file over and over again, whenever he wants. Whether you have his children speaking, or you choose to say something yourself, this is a personal gift that is sure to touch dad’s heart. (Sound Wave Art)

Another personalized Father’s Day gift option is a digital picture frame. This allows you to compile all of dad’s favorite photos of his family and friends and put them into a slideshow within the frame. It’s the perfect way to add a touch of home to his office and remind him of all his favorite memories. It’ll make him smile anytime a new picture pops up! (Insignia Digital Photo Frame)

Dedicated Workers

Update his look with a new briefcase for work. A simple, neutral colored bag is a classic look that won’t go out of style. You can opt for a structured bag with pockets and compartments in order to help him stay organized. (Framework Briefcase)

Maybe he doesn’t need a brand new briefcase… but that doesn’t mean you can’t get him organized. Help dad pack all his technology cords and chargers for work with a Leather Charger Roll-Up. This product has pockets of various sizes and can easily be rolled, tied, and thrown in a work bag. Plus, customizable so you can get your father’s initials engraved at no extra cost. (Leather Charger Roll-Up)

Happy Father’s Day from KellyMitchell Group!

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