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Heads or Tails, the Answer Should Always be KellyMitchell

Today, June 1, is National Flip a Coin Day. We love a good bet; but, when it comes to the job hunt – what company you decide to work with should be based on facts. So, here are some completely objective, purely fact-based reasons as why we really are an awesome place to work.


1. We were founded in 1998, by two friends and co-workers who decided that they could do this thing called staffing better [and different] than all the other organizations out there – and so they left their way-corporate jobs to start making calls phone calls from their makeshift office in the garage. They believe in the hustle, and their commitment every day to make each of their employees successful can be felt throughout the company nationally today.


2. We believe in philanthropy and community engagement, and this is no smoke and mirror show to get you interested in KellyMitchell. IRL [is that an openly acceptable internet acronym nowadays], our employees participate in local and national non-profits near and dear to their heart – everything from the local Stray Rescue to that nationally-known United Way. In fact, every Friday our employees dress in their denim to support United Way.


3. We serve beer every Thursday. You can fact-check us every Thursday at 3pm at the office keg.


4. Our employees are best in class. This might seem subjective, but it’s not – our clients voted us as the “Best of Staffing” two-years in a row.


5. Our most tenured employee, outside of our two owners [see #1 above] is also one of the first employees with KellyMitchell, and is about to celebrate her 16th year at KellyMitchell. We’ve got two more getting ready to celebrate her 15th, another getting ready to celebrate her 14th… you get the point.

- - -

This is a great place to make a career – find out for yourself. We’re hiring. #shamelessplug


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