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How the IoT is Saving Summer


From Ben and Jerry’s freezers to pool motors run by mobile apps, the IoT (the internet of things) is slowly creeping into our lives for the greater good. Since it happens to be the first day of summer, we thought we would explore just how the IoT is making our lives easier when the temps go up and the hammocks go out.

The IoT Keeps Your Ice Cream Cold

Believe it or not, before temperature sensing technology in freezers, keeping your ice cream at an optimum temperature (and from an all-together defrost), was a crap shoot for store owners. In 2015, multi-billion dollar grocery chain Kroger decided to get smart. Now, “refrigerated containers [are equipped] with sensors that check temperatures every 30 minutes–instead of having employees manually check thermometers twice a day,” (via CIO).

This allows store managers to sleep soundly, knowing their freezers are working properly around the clock, and when they fail, they will be automatically notified. In 2016, Ben and Jerry’s is reaping the benefits of IoT technology using a different temperature-sensing brand, but the same smart concept. Now that we know the part technology plays in the quality of our ice cream, we will all toast our next perfectly chilled, never freezer-burned cone to the IoT.

The IoT Allows for a Stress-Free Vacay

Since the IoT has created smart home technology, getting outta dodge has never been such a carefree experience. Gone are the days when a neighbor would come by and check on the house while you were away.

Now, you can do it yourself, from the comfort of your beach chair courtesy of the IoT. Did we close the garage? “Let’s check the app and see.” Need to switch up the lights so burglars think someone’s been by? “Hand me my phone.” Did we leave Kevin at home and fly to France? “Let’s pull up the video.” With smart home technology, you no longer have to worry or wonder about your home when you’re gone. We’ll relax about that!

The Iot Keeps Your Pool in Check

There’s no denying a swimming pool is a vacation in your backyard, but it can also be an energy bill nightmare. Thanks to smart technology, you can now manage your pool operation from the palm of your hand, saving energy and money while you sleep or are away from our backyard oasis.

Giving pool owners the intelligence to save energy also creates data for the smart motor manufacturer, Regal Beloit, allowing them to create smarter products based on customer data. “Regal chose a cloud-based data application, using an IoT analysis and management platform from mFrontiers, which is built on top of Oracle Database Cloud Service [allowing the company to] gain insights from the 250 or more data points Regal plans to collect from the motors,” (via Forbes). A backyard pool without all the cost? We’re in!

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