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How to Easily Explain Machine Learning Using Mangos


Business acumen and good communication skills are almost always a part our job descriptions for our IT positions. The reason is, you might be a really good data scientist, but if you can’t explain what you’re doing to the business stakeholders you are working for, it’s not going to go well. Analogies are great for helping non-IT people grasp complicated computer science functions. If you find yourself cornered and asked about machine learning you might want to go the route of the mango analogy.

The mango analogy, shared by Quara, takes you through a mango shopping scenario in which you set up rules to rule-out the bad and take only the best mangos home. Through various experiments and modifications, you find the combination of rules that produces the best mangos, but what about other vendors? What about other parts of the world? What if your friend has a different idea of which mangos should be considered the “best.” Each additional variable calls for more experiments and modifications.. and then you throw in the machine learning and how you would use algorithms to easily add, remove, and modify rules. To read the entire explanation, click here.


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