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Join Our #Friendsgiving Table: Celebrating Gratitude


The holiday season is here, and gratitude is on the top of the minds for many! Friendsgiving is a long-standing, beloved tradition at KM, and although the delicious sides are often the talk of the table, we also gather to share what we’re most thankful for.

According to research by Harvard Business Review, gratitude improves well-being, reduces stress, and builds resilience. Gratitude in the workplace is valuable and leads to more difficult but fulfilling achievements, including emotional intelligence and empathy.

Our gratitude list is long, but we can all agree, we are so thankful to be working with a great team. A team is so much more than just a means to an end! We took a closer look at different traits that lead to cultivating gratitude in the workplace and what helps build a healthy team.

Finding a Purpose

According to ClearlyRated’s “The Great Rehire: What Job Seekers Truly Care About,” employees are increasingly focused on finding work that they love and that gives them a sense of purpose.

Having a sense of purpose creates gratitude. We love our sense of purpose at KellyMitchell — Connecting People with Opportunities and Clients with Success! We are all incredibly motivated by building meaningful relationships. Finding talented candidates projects they love and helping clients solve problems are both equally exciting for our team!

A Team of Innovative Players

What differentiates a legendary team? Innovation — which is no easy feat! The right mix of skills on a team are the building blocks for big things. By asking questions and trying new approaches, a strong team can develop and apply new ideas. Revolutionary changes and growth may take time and effort but are achievable with a dedicated, grateful team.

At KellyMitchell, we are so incredibly thankful for our strong leaders who continually guide us towards personal and professional growth, challenging us to be better every day for our candidates and clients.


Building mindfulness through gratitude in an individual or team setting leads to psychological safety — where individuals can trust that they are recognized, valued, respected, and included. We are thankful our team prioritizes inclusion and acknowledges team players — So much so, those who go above and beyond exuding Motivation, Accountability, and Service are celebrated monthly as our “MAS-hole” at KM! Who doesn’t love an extra PTO day for bringing their best selves to work each day?!

- - -

If you prioritize gratitude and want to work with a genuine team, let us lend you a helping hand in finding your next opportunity! Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at KM!


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