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KellyMitchell Recruiter Resolutions

KellyMitchell recruiters know how to get it done at work, but what are their aspirations for the New Year outside of the office? Here are some of their 2016 New Year’s resolutions.

The Health Nuts

Recruiter Erin Dean’s New Year’s resolution is to eat more kale. Health-related resolutions are some of the most popular resolutions and with such healthy effects; maybe everyone should eat more kale! Emily Evans and Christopher Phan in St. Louis are striving to work out more regularly!

The Go-Getters

Sophia Georgantonis in our Chicago office has a few things she would like to accomplish in 2016. Sophia would like to limit herself to one new dress a week and to put at least one less creamer in her coffee each day. She’d also like to convince Mr. J. Biebs that they are in fact soulmates.

Best of luck, Sophia! Becky McNicholas, also from Chi-town, would like to wake up earlier every day to be able to achieve more in the morning. Whether it’s work, exercise, or laundry, she’d like to get it done early!

The De-Clutterers

Julia Cribbin in St. Louis wants to lead a more minimalistic life! She wants to get rid of a lot of material clutter and simplify her life. Kelly Gallagher, also of St. Louis, is striving to keep her apartment, car, and desk cleaner and more organized. We think everyone can relate to this one!

The Life-Improvers

Michael Medler from Dallas wants to get more consistent sleep throughout 2016! And Emily Evans would like to do 30 minutes of learning each and every day!

Cheers to you, recruiters, as you begin the New Year and all that you want to accomplish! Surely eating better, getting organized, and getting more sleep will have a positive effect on your work as well!

Need more inspiration? Check out Time‘s list of the most Googled New Year’s resolutions.


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