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KellyMitchell Teams Up with The Haven of Grace

KellyMitchell had the pleasure of becoming involved with an outstanding local charity this past quarter and we look forward to continued support of The Haven of Grace.

The Haven of Grace provides a home for young pregnant women to redefine their lives. A small residential facility in the city of St. Louis, The Haven offers a comfortable and caring environment for young mothers to heal and bond with their infants while also providing a rigorous educational program and support system designed to empower residents to take personal control of their future and set their lives on a new and positive course. We had the opportunity to throw a “baby shower” to help welcome some of their newest residents (both new moms and new bundles of joy!). We were truly impressed with the mission of this organization, the rehabilitation services offered, the dedication of the staff and the programs, and most importantly the support and follow-up that this group provides its residents throughout their transition.

By providing a safe, nurturing and educational environment for homeless, pregnant women, the Haven of Grace is assisting young mothers and their children establish their lives in the community. Hats off to everyone we had the pleasure of meeting, and we look forward to seeing your organization grow!


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