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KM Around Town: Denver Restaurant Edition

sixteen miles (2)

In our latest installment of KM Around Town, we are headed west to the Mile High City, Denver! Our Denver team is rapidly growing and we can’t help but be a little envious of the awesome city they get to call home! But just as KM’s grown, so has Denver and to keep up with the development, the city is constantly finding new uses for old spaces. So join us as we explore some of Denver’s best restaurants who aren’t afraid to make what’s old, new again!

If you’re driving through Denver – looking for Linger but all you see is a massive sign to Olinger Mortuaries, that’s not a weird coincidence. Linger was once Olinger Mortuaries but has since turned into a “hip, eclectic eatery”. They describe their style as anti-entree, vegetable-focused, affordable small plates that riff on urban street. Besides the bites, the drinks are sure not to be missed if you visit Linger, as they are always rotating their cocktails depending on the season.

Root Down is more than just a neighborhood favorite in the historic Highland neighborhood. In fact it’s a prime example of revitalizing an old space into something new as in its former life it was a filling station. This dinner and brunch hot spot is not only a local favorite but also a sister restaurant to Linger! For those who brunch hard, we highly recommend their Fried Chicken and Goat Cheese Biscuits, you won’t be disappointed!

For more an old school vibe, Broker is your spot. Bank turned restaurant (as its name so cleverly suggests), this restaurant offers steak and seafood for even the most discerning pallet. Oh and when we said it used to be a bank, we meant to say it’s not just any bank, try the inside of the Federal Reserve Bank vault! Not too shabby, Denver.

In the heart of Historic Olde Towne Arvada and inside the original Arvada schoolhouse built in 1882, this restaurant has kept true to its origins. With different rooms that each play into the school theme from the Library Bar, Home Room dining area and Teacher’s Lounge, whatever the occasion, there’s a spot to fit your needs. Whiskey lovers, this is definitely a place you’ll want to check out since they have one of the largest collections in the country… 1,300 and counting!

Rayback Collective is less of a restaurant and more of an experience but we would be remiss if we didn’t include it. Name in honor of the space’s previous tenant, Rayback Plumbing, and was funded by a Kickstarter campaign in 2014! As its website proclaims, the Rayback is a foodpark, bar or a backyard party! With more than 30 taps on deck and a rotating bevy of food trucks, the Rayback has been providing good times and cold beers since its success campaign and the community hasn’t looked back since! And if these places sound appealing, just imagine all those that we didn’t mention! If working and living in Denver sounds pretty awesome right about now, check out our profile on The Muse because we’re hiring in Denver and in many other great cities!


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