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KM Chicago Welcomes 4 Recruiters

This week, we’re welcoming Technical Recruiters Katyann, Alvin and Denice to the Chicago office! Here are a few interesting facts about our newest team members.

From Left to Right: Katyann, Alvin, and Denice

Katyann is a Chicago native and a travel enthusiast. Katyann has successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and planning on taking her next big trip to Thailand or India. As a new technical recruiter, Katyann is excited to learn new skills, connect people with great employment opportunities and work with the wonderful people at KellyMitchell.

Alvin is new to the city of Chicago. So far he’s been enjoying the Chicago night life and mapping out the MetraRail. Alvin was the captain of his high school varsity soccer team and is still a soccer fan. If you tell him about how much you hate sharing the road with bikers, he’ll probably bring up that time when he was hit by a car while riding his bike when he was just 11 years old (I wouldn’t go there if I were you). He loves Mexican food and waffles (not together, obviously).

Denice is an experienced recruiter and is excited to be living in the city of Chicago. Denice is looking forward to helping reliable candidates find the perfect positions. Denice has dual citizenship in the United States and Mexico and is bilingual in English and Spanish.

Pictured: Anne Keppler, Corporate Recruiter

Congratulations to Anne Keppler! Anne is now a Corporate Recruiter at the Chicago office. She started at KellyMitchell as a Technical Recruiter in September 2014.

We asked Anne what she liked most about KellyMitchell, and she said, "the people. I moved from Cleveland to Chicago back in September, and the Chicago office has become my 2nd family!"

Anne is excited about not only watching KellyMitchell grow, but also being part of the process. Now that she's a Corporate Recruiter, Anne will be focused on growing KellyMitchell's internal team.


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