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LinkedIn: Playing Different Roles in Today’s Workforce

The trending networking platform of preference winner goes to — LinkedIn! According to, LinkedIn has over 850 million users as of October of 2022, making it the world’s premier way to professionally connect. A few days ago on LinkedIn, we asked: “Scrolling through your LinkedIn feed, what type of posts catch your attention the most?” According to the survey results, here are the top 3 posts users prefer to see:

  1. A motivational quote/story

  2. Survey results

  3. A hard-earned promotion

If you are interested in developing your career, you will want to leverage your LinkedIn profile and create connections for your benefit and that align with your goals. Keeping in mind what content works best, you can build your network on LinkedIn. Are you ready to make your dream boards achievable?

Creating your personal brand with posts and interactions on the platform is a careful balance of both art and science [hello, algorithm!], so we’ve gone ahead and rounded up five different ways to use the platform to help build your personal brand!


LinkedIn is a social media platform where you can network — a huge opportunity to connect! Commenting on friends’ and colleagues’ content or accomplishments shows you support them in their career.

This gives them exposure to your network and is another way to give some personal love and deepen your professional connections. What better way to network than through positivity and motivation?


We love celebrating milestones at KellyMitchell, and this is another way you can connect on LinkedIn! People really appreciate thoughtful comments, so writing a personalized message to individuals who might have a new job or have received a new degree or certification resonates.

People recognize if you take the time to delete a comment’s automated response and write something nice and personal. This can really deepen your professional connections. It’s always the right time to spread love and cheer!

Motivating others is rewarding, but you should recognize yourself too. When you draw attention to an achievement or professional accomplishment, it also adds the project to your resume — or LinkedIn profile. This shows future employees what you are capable of. You have something to offer, so we encourage you to share your talent and experience.


LinkedIn can also be used to find people. A trending hashtag right now is #openforwork. Hiring managers and staffing agencies can use strategic elements like this to find jobseekers. Using some of these phenomenal resources can help highlight your talent to match you to a job opportunity.

To stay on top of the competition online, strategy is key. LinkedIn is also a great way to find your counterparts at other organizations. They will be sharing content about what’s cool and trending in your industry — but also, in their roles. It could spark problem solving inspiration or help you question: how can I do this better?

Role Model

Users can also act as a role model by sharing personal stories. When you share personal details about your professional journey, it resonates with people which tends to get a lot of engagement and build your network!

LinkedIn plays a huge role in the workforce right now, but we encourage you to share the right content. The platform is dedicated to professional updates and news relating to your job, your career. This tool is more than likely where your next opportunity is looking for you. Let your talent shine!

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If you #openforwork, you can connect with us to help you find your next opportunity!


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