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Must Have Apps for Busy People


Looking for ways to simplify, organize, and enhance your hectic days? There’s an app for that. Actually, there’s quite a few apps for that. We’ve rounded up some of the best and most helpful smartphone apps for all the busy-bees out there. Check out our list below and start downloading!

For Your Office Life

To do lists are probably one of the best ways to stay on top of all the different tasks you juggle on a day-to-day basis. Todoist is a handy app that keeps all your personal and work-related duties at bay. You can create check lists and receive notifications for due dates and important reminders. You can then track your progress and keep tabs on completed tasks.

When there’s so much to do, it can be overwhelming and hard to stay productive.

If you find that you have trouble staying focused while at the office, consider downloading the app Forest. It discourages you from getting distracted by your phone by “growing” a tree in the time you spend not checking your phone. You first plant a seed and designate the amount of time you want to dedicate to your task. If you complete the task, your fully-grown tree will be added to your forest. However, if you close out of the app, the tree stops growing and dies.

For Your Health

No matter how busy you may be, you need to remember to take care of yourself every now and then. We know, you’ve probably heard that a million times… it’s true! One of the best ways to take a second for yourself is by practicing meditation. The app Headspace offers meditation and mindfulness sessions, as well as lessons to teach you about meditation in general. Relaxation can easily be incorporated into your daily life with this app.

We’re all guilty of coming home from work and heading straight to the couch with some junky food for “dinner.” It’s so easy to do, but such an unhealthy habit. Keep yourself on a healthy schedule by planning out your meals. The app Mealime helps you do this and more. First, you can choose their recipes to schedule your meals for the week. Then, Mealime creates an overall grocery list for you and gives directions on how to create the dishes. It’s extremely simple and most recipes only take about 30 minutes to create. It’s perfect for anyone with a hectic schedule.

For Business Endeavors

If you travel for your job, chances are you’ll eventually find yourself in an unfamiliar city. But, with the app Citymapper, you can confidently maneuver your way through the new city. The features include transportation time and price comparisons, best routes, wait times, and more. This greatly reduces the risk of getting lost and being late to your meetings and events! It is currently available for 40 cities, both domestic and international, but is scheduled to expand in the future.

Hardly have time to pack your suitcase, let alone make a packing list beforehand? Look no further than the efficient PackPoint app. After setting your travel dates, the app prompts you to select certain activities you’ll participate in while away, like a fancy dinner or business formal event. It then adds what you would need for those events, as well as basic travel necessities to a packing list. You’ll never forget your toothbrush ever again! The app even factors in the weather for your travel to ensure realistic outfit options.

For the Commute

Make the most of your commute by knowing exactly what the traffic is like before you leave the house. The Waze app combines notifications from people who are driving the same roads as you in real-time. Traffic, police encounters, accidents and construction are all reported as soon as possible. This gives you the upper hand over traffic and helps you save time in the morning as well as money on gas. It’s a win-win!

Whether you drive yourself or hop on the public transportation, the commute to work is an inevitable task every morning and evening. Make the most of that travel time by listening to podcasts with the app Pocket Casts. This app features over 300,000 different podcasts and comes with special features like syncing across devices and automatic downloads.

Hopefully you find these apps as helpful and useful as we do. At KellyMitchell, we love hard workers!

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