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Project Management Rap

This is Project Management in 6 minutes – with music! More…

[from TEDed]

2013 International Project Management Day: Power of the Profession

Register for the largest online project management event in the world — over 50,000 viewers from more than 160 countries last year! If you are a PMP, you will be able to earn 12 PDUs by participating in this event. More…

[from ILL]

How to be a Happy Project Manager

Sometimes the pain from doing your work as project manager will be so unbearable that you just want to quit. Don’t do it. More…

[from Guerilla Project Management]

The Best Ways to Use Your Star Performers

Your star performers can offer your organization so much more than just bug-hunting or client management. More…

[from Easy Projects]

Being Agile in a Waterfall World

Is it better to deliver a project through Agile or traditional project management? In this Google+ hangout Joseph Flahiff, Hala Saleh, and Ivan Rivera discuss what it means to have agile live in a world of traditional project management. More…

[from Sensible PM]

5 Reasons to K.I.S.S.

An old colleague of mine once told me “K.I.S.S.!!!”, as in “Keep It Simple Stupid“: one of the best advice I ever got, and here is why… More…

[from Christian Bisson, PMP]

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