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Recruiter Report: How to Succeed at a Career Fair


A career fair is a great place to meet potential employers and learn about hot job opportunities. Even though virtual applications and meetings play a large role in the hiring process today, career fairs allow you to get in front of recruiters, making personal connections and lasting impressions that can help give you a leg up on the competition. It can be intimidating to attend if it’s your first time, but never fear.

There are many ways to prepare to make sure you get the most out of the experience. We talked to Emily Guzman, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at KellyMitchell, to get her tips on how to succeed at a career fair.

Prep, Prep, Prep

“Before the career fair, view the list of employers attending each fair. Take some time to research the companies that interest you. Write down things that stand out to you and questions to ask recruiters about your targeted company. Update or create your resume, and prepare a personal pitch or “elevator speech,” a short background statement you can use when you introduce yourself to recruiters that includes your name, major, year, and career interest.”

Ask All the Questions

“Make sure to ask questions including, ‘What types of entry-level jobs do you offer?’ ‘What is a typical career path at this company?’ ‘What makes a person stand out and succeed in this role?’

Put Your Best Foot Forward

“Come prepared with copies of your resume to give to recruiters and extra paper and pen for note taking. Dress business professional. Initiate a conversation with a recruiter with a smile and handshake and hand them your resume [if meeting in person]. Show your interest and enthusiasm, be engaging, actively listen, and ask questions about the company. Help them get to know you and what you have to offer.”

Don’t Forget to Follow Up

“Close the conversation with a recruiter by thanking them for their time, expressing interest in the opportunity, and asking for a recruiter’s business card. Email or call the recruiter regarding the specific position or opportunity that interests you. Send a personalized thank you note to the recruiter who you spoke with via email or LinkedIn the next day. Follow the company on social media platforms to stay up to date on the latest news.”

- - -

Are you a talented, self-motivated looking for fun, rewarding work? Reach out to Emily Guzman and/or connect with us at one of the upcoming Career Fairs we’ll be attending:

2/2 University of GA - UGA 2/9 University of AZ - Business Fair 2/10 Indiana University - Business School [Virtual Fair] 2/16 Northern IL [Virtual Fair] 2/17 University of WA [Virtual Fair] 2/22 Miami of Ohio - Sales, Management & Logistics 2/23 DePaul University [Virtual Fair] 2/23 University of Iowa 2/24 University of Texas at Austin - Communications [Virtual Fair] 3/3 Mizzou


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