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Self-Development Tips to Keep in Mind this Summer


Whether you’re starting a new position, planning a big summer vacation, or just trying to get into those routines that were halted due to the pandemic, finding that normal lifestyle while focusing on self-development can be hectic and overwhelming. Try out some of these easy, ground-level, tips that can help provide a jumpstart and keep you on the right track.

Simple Organization Routines

Falling in love with self-development — and new routines and hobbies that change your mental, emotional, and physical health for the better — is an incredible feeling but can become very overwhelming as your schedule and priorities shift. The adjustment period can make your life feel scattered and disorganized.

One of the pillars of self-development is reserving some of your focus and energy for daily organizational methods. Simple tasks such as making your bed in the morning, keeping your workspace or desk clean, or devoting a few hours a week to the condition of your car can completely alter your mood and mindset for the better.

Develop Healthy Eating Habits

Nothing feels better than fast food after a stressful day, or an ice-cold soda during that mid-afternoon lull. Despite that spike in blood sugar and a “boost” in your energy, the eventual drop will leave you feeling sluggish, cranky, and hungry for more. Instead, try substituting those junk cravings with quick and healthy alternatives. Drinking a gallon of water a day, mixed with a changed diet, such as an increase in fruits, vegetables, proteins, and healthy carbs can entirely improve your mood, energy, and appetite; not to mention the noticeable difference in appearance!

Use Free Time Productively

Keeping up with a movie or series is so much fun, but spending all of your free time binging can create stress without realization. Be cognizant of the amount of time that you spend on less important extracurriculars, like TV streaming, and instead try utilizing a portion of the time as an opportunity for a more product activity that would leave you feeling less overwhelmed. For example, instead of spending 2-3 hours after work watching television, consider breaking that down to a more productive schedule: 1, 45-minute episode, 1 hour of developmental reading or exercise, 1 hour of cleaning/chores. It sounds like your parents’ nagging, but they were onto something!

Take a Break!

As Ferris Bueller famously said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” We couldn’t agree more! Good for you for working on your self-development, you’re absolutely killing it! Try not to push yourself too hard, though. Develop the healthy routines, work on organizational skills, be productive, but don’t forget to allow for time to relax. Consider a lazy Sunday every so often, or treat yourself to a trip and/or spa day. At the very least, before bedtime, take a few minutes in reflection and meditation: deep breaths and positive thinking can help you sleep more peacefully and give you a positive jumpstart for the next day!

Pat Yourself on the Back

Self-development while keeping up with a new normal routine is hard! We’re all working through the challenges of it, so make sure to give yourself some credit. Try reciting positive reinforcement a few times a day: compliment your effort and acknowledge the hard work you’ve committed to yourself!

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