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Summer Hotspots in L.A.


Check out a Rooftop Pool

Sure there’s lots of pool and beach options in the L.A. area, but some of our favorites mean heading downtown and hitting up the rooftop pools. The views can’t be beat and you might even catch a celebrity sighting! On our short list are Montrose West Hollywood, The Standard Hollywood and Sunset Tower Hotel!

Grab Lunch at Grand Central Market 

For a unique dining experience, check out Grand Central Market. Located Downtown, Grand Central Market is European-style food all which has been open since 1917. From old school traditional eateries to contemporary cuisine spots like Sticky Rice, it’s a great opportunity to experience some of L.A.’s best food all in one place!

Visit the Iconic Santa Monica Pier

It wouldn’t be an L.A. post without acknowledging this iconic spot! Seen in countless movies and television shows, the pier and the amusement park on top it, are some of the most recognizable sights in the area! Be sure to take a whirl around the Ferris Whirl, its the most magical spot on the coast!

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