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Technology in the Classrooms


Back-to-school season is in full swing! In this day and age, it’s no surprise that new technologies have worked their way into schools across the nation. From kindergarten classes to college lectures, teachers are choosing to implement new apps, websites, and gadgets to enhance the learning experience. Here are three concepts coming soon to a classroom near you…

Augmented Reality

Two-dimensional photos in textbooks are limited in what they can visually portray compared to a 3D version. And, it’s for that reason that textbooks are coming alive with augmented reality advances. Teachers have the ability to add augmented reality objects to the physical world in order to enhance their lessons through apps such as Metaverse. From scavenger hunts and educational games to up-close looks at objects related to lessons, augmented reality has endless possibilities in the classroom.

Video Communication

While face-to-face communication is still very important today, the use of video communication has been spreading through schools recently. Video communication allows for experiences such as virtual field trips, guest speakers, and collaboration between teacher and students. For example, the app Flipgrid has grown in popularity and is expected to continue in this school year. This app allows for students to answer questions prompted by the teacher by posting a video of themselves. Then, they can interact with other students and give feedback through videos of themselves.

Makerspaces / Technology Labs

Over the recent years, the concepts of Makerspace and technology labs have made their way into schools across the nation. This is largely due to the growing need, and curiosity, for STEM-related projects and ideas. This school year will be no exception. Makerspaces will continue to help students explore through participatory learning which means they are able to individually explore, create, and learn with the available resources.

The new generations of children have proven to be quite savvy with new technologies. But, with new technologies in schools comes new responsibilities to the students. Teachers will most likely begin dedicating even more time to showing students how to properly and safely use the new technology to enhance their learning.

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