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The Future of Cloud Computing Survey Results


The 2014 North Bridge Future of Cloud Computing Survey was conducted in partnership with Gigaom Research and 72 Collaborators. The survey is the most widely endorsed survey of its kind in the industry. We’ve gathered some highlights that we found most interesting.

  • The survey results show 49% of businesses use cloud for strategic purposes like revenue generation or new product development.

  • 45% of respondents said they have plans to run their company from the cloud if they don't do so already.

  • Sales and marketing is leading the way for cloud usage over customer service and business analytics.

  • SaaS is growing tremendously while IaaS and PaaS are slowing in popularity.

  • Budget concerns have grown over the years as many companies weigh the expense of a cloud transition against other IT needs.

To view the survey results slide share click here.


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