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Tips for Crafting a Perfect "Thank You" Follow-up Email


A short thank you email can make a difference in helping you land your dream job. More than two thirds of employers and hiring managers said a short thank you note impacts their decision-making process, according to a survey from Talent, Inc. Wondering what a good thank you note should entail? Check out our tips below for crafting the perfect thank you email.

How to Write a Great Thank You Email

Time is of the essence

Make sure you send a thank you email within 24 hours of your interview. Aim to send it a few hours after the conversation, if possible, to keep the interview fresh in the manager’s mind.

Keep the Subject Line Short and Sweet

Craft a clear, concise subject line to get your interview’s attention.

Express Gratitude

Somewhere near the top of the thank you note, thank the interviewer for their time. If you talked to multiple managers, send them separate notes also thanking them for their time.

Reference a Conversation Point

Mention a specific part of your conversation in the email, especially one that exemplifies how your experience or skills could help the company.

Convey Interest

Devote one to two sentences in the email to reiterating your interest in the position. Tell the interviewer why you’re a good fit and what experience and skills you’d bring to the position.

Leave the Door Open for Questions

Include a closing line in your email inviting the interviewer to approach you with any additional questions. Make sure to insert your contact information including a phone number and email.

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