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Top 10 Interview Questions for Project Managers


If you are wondering what to expect in your upcoming interview for a Project Manager position, you have come to the right place. At KellyMitchell, we interview candidates all day long, so we asked some of our recruiters what questions they ask in Project Manager interviews specifically. So without further ado, here are the most commonly asked interview questions for Project Managers.

1. Tell me about your last project – what type of project was it?

2. What type of release schedule are you used to working and how did you notify the release team?

3. How do you manage budget & what was the variance on your last project?

4. What were some of the risks identified in your last project? How were you able to keep them from impacting your project?

5. Do you/have you worked in a regulated environment? How did you prepare for an audit?

6. What interaction do you have with Testing & Development teams?

7. What strengths do you bring to the team as a PM?

8. How do you vary your communication style for the audience? What tools do you use to communicate with your virtual team?

9. What critical factors need to be met for you to escalate an issue?

10. When you have a last minute change to scope, what steps do you take to evaluate if this can be accommodated or if it will be deferred?

Bonus question:

11. Please tell me about a challenging project. What was your role, what made it challenging, what was the outcome?

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