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Top 9 STEM Toys to Buy for the Kiddo in your Life

Since today is National STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Day, we decided what better way than to feature some awesome gifts for the kid in your life. And just in time to beat the holiday gift-buying rush too. So take a look at our recommendations fit for boy and girls of many ages! Previous engineering experience not required.

This playset is in high demand. In fact at the time of publishing, there was only 8 left in stock, so they are quite literally flying off the shelves! While expensive, Cubetto teaches kids at a very young age basic coding principles. And get this, all SCREEN-FREE! Using the colorful map mat and coding blocks and included storybook, youngsters will quickly learn coding techniques, develop motor and visual-spatial skills and critical thinking!

furReal Makers Proto Max

The Proto Max, not only teaches your kids to code but will help you stave off buying them a real dog for a couple years. The Proto Max is a completely customizable pup with 400+ sounds, 100+ eye animations, a wide range of colors and 360-degree motion. Not only do they have the opportunity to customize the dogs through the app but they also get the chance to actually build the dog themselves.

This large life-size game board touts itself as being “an easy & fun introduction to coding”. This game allows your child to take on the role of being the robot and having to code themselves from Point A to Point B. With multiple challenge cards, problem-solving and sequencing are going to be two of the biggest skillsets kids will garner from the game.

This fun workbook and sketchbook set, help to teach kids about light outputs and conductivity. The workbook is especially helpful in physically illustrating resistance, elements in parallel and series, open circuits and short circuits just to name a few. Plus who could complain about literally being able to light up their notebook at school? #winning


LEGO has always been one of the first toys parents think of when they think about toys that encourage STEM thinking. However, LEGO has outdone themselves in bringing their building blocks to the 21st century. The Boost set allows kids to build 5 multi-function robots and control them via coding blocks on their app. They range in size from 10″ high to 16″ long. Our personal favorite is Frankie the Cat.

Now your daughter and her BFF can code their very own friendship bracelets! They can send secret messages, play games and connect with friends using these super awesome bracelets. Sold either as a single (with two band colors) or you can buy in sets for your daughter to share with friends, these bracelets are putting a fashionable spin on STEM.


While we adults might use a mouse on a daily basis for our own STEM pursuits, consider getting one of these programmable mice for children in their early foray into coding. The mouse works on tables and the floor with a speed specific for each. Kids use the pictorial coding cards to plan a path and then program the mouse with its easy to use buttons! There is an activity set as well to take the mouse to the next level but it’s sold separately.


Home automation is the latest trend to hit our ever-increasing smart world, so why not let your kids take a stab at it in their own rooms! The Rule Your Room kit comes with a bunch of automations like a buzzer, dimmer and even a sound trigger, so the options are truly unlimited! Which also means the likelihood of them using it once and tossing it aside is much smaller as well!


Whether your subscription box of choice is sample beauty products or athleisure touted on social media, we all know the joy of coming home once a month to a surprise package! So why not share that joy with your kids in an educational way! Bitsbox is a great gift that for each month builds off the concept from the month before to develop coding skills. And don’t stress parents if you’re afraid it might be out of your league, every subscription level includes unlimited email help.

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