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We're Hiring a Client Engagement Manager in Seattle!

Highlighted in many TV shows and movies and recently ranked the third best city for jobs, Seattle, which has flown under the radar for many years, is starting to get the recognition we’ve long known it deserved. In fact, we’ve known it for over ten years when we first staked our claim on a piece of Seattle’s pie. And as we keep growing our Seattle operation, we are looking for a Client Engagement Manager with track record in a strong sales environment and a drive for success.

To help us describe what we’re looking for, we decided to use some of our favorite Seattle based TV and movie characters to illustrate the skills and attributes we want in a CEM.

Dr. Frasier Crane

Our clients look to us as trusted advisors, just as Frasier was to those who called into his radio show. When it comes to growing and managing our client’s business we need someone who can handle the responsibility that comes with that trust.

Christian Grey

If you can develop, manage and implement sales strategies #LikeaBoss and channel young business tycoon, Christian Grey then you might be just the person for this role!

Kat Stratford

Do you face challenges with the same vigor that Julia Stiles character, Kat, plays soccer in 10 Things I Hate About You? You’ll need that high energy and competitive nature to achieve results!

Zack Mayo

This position requires someone who can handle cold-calls and sales prospecting with the same perseverance that Zack Mayo, handled U.S. Navy Cadet Training Camp in, An Officer and a Gentleman.

Dr. Meredith Grey

Meredith works with her fellow doctors at the drama-filled Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital to strategize and find the best resources to fulfill her patient’s needs. Your role at KM will require you to do just that as you build pipelines to solve your client’s requests.

If you’ve related to these characters, then there is no reason to be Sleepless in Seattle over your job search anymore, you’ve found the place for you! To learn more about our Client Engagement Manager position and apply, check out the full description here!

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