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What We Love About KellyMitchell (in 9 Questions)


In honor of Valentine’s Day, we decided to ask some of our coworkers a few questions about what they think about KM and why they love working here… We think Cupid’s arrow might’ve hit a few of them pretty hard because as you’ll see, for some of our employees their love for KellyMitchell runs deep.

When did you know KellyMitchell was THE ONE place you wanted to work?

I knew KellyMitchell was the one place I wanted to work when it took me on an all-inclusive trip to Vegas and I won BIG! – JUST KIDDING. I knew KellyMitchell was the one place I wanted to work when I was offered the opportunity to manage and train the newest recruiters in the Chicago office. I’ve had A LOT of help along the way (and am definitely still learning!), but having the chance to apply everything I’ve learned to the next generation of recruiters is very rewarding! -Royal

How does KellyMitchell make you a better person?

What I love about KellyMitchell is that it sees the opportunity for growth in each and every one of us. KM has given me the confidence to advocate for new ideas and processes and offers me the opportunity to bring them to the company. Having the support of your coworkers and management is something I’ve learned never to take for granted and it is an invaluable gift in my personal development. -Katie

What’s something KellyMitchell does for you that you appreciate?

KellyMitchell takes care of all of their employees. This story isn’t about me but witnessing it was truly a feel-good moment. About a year ago, one of our executive team members gifted another employee with a sketch drawing of her four-legged baby, a 14-yo boxer who had recently passed. It was one of the most thoughtful gifts I have really ever seen anyone give, inside and outside of the office, and I think that speaks volumes about the type of company KellyMitchell is and the community they have built KellyMitchell around. -Gina

If KellyMitchell were an animal what animal would it be and why?

KellyMitchell would definitely be a panther, aggressive but classy. -Gretchen

What’s your favorite outing together?

I’d say my favorite one was our day at Wrigley Field! We had so much fun taking in a baseball game in the sun… although we couldn’t even tell you if the Cubs won that game! Nothing like taking a Friday afternoon off to enjoy each other . -Ellen

What’s your favorite gift KellyMitchell has ever given you?

KellyMitchell rewarded me with the Rookie of the Year Award. Sure it’s a beautiful glass award and a keepsake of our love for one another, but more importantly it’s just a great example of how KellyMitchell always takes time to acknowledge the small and big things. -Julie

What’s the best vacation you and KellyMitchell have taken together?

I earned the incentive trip to Cabo and that was amazing. It was one of the best trips ever. We took a catamaran into the sunset, sipped cocktails with umbrellas in them by the pool together, we even went to the spa! KellyMitchell even set up a private dinner for us at this gorgeous farm where Adam Levine got married. It was magical. Being rewarded for all of your hard work and celebrating your accomplishments throughout the year is a great feeling while you’re on the incentive trip. -Katyann

What is your and KellyMitchell’s song?

KellyMitchell is always so great about celebrating everyone’s accomplishments. For example, whenever I make a new placement, we start playing “Money” by Pink Floyd to celebrate. While everyone has their own celebration song, I appreciate that KellyMitchell works with me to build up my commissions and takes the time to recognize that. -Michael

What are your three favorite qualities of KellyMitchell?

  1. I love KellyMitchell because it motivates me through its environment.

  2. I am surrounded by peers, management, and executives that are constantly pushing me to succeed and grow.

  3. It’s a refreshing feeling knowing that I have a whole team of people that want me to succeed and also work with people who are just as hardworking and motivated as I am.

  4. KellyMitchell offers me unlimited growth.

  5. I have no boundaries at KMG.

  6. The opportunities available to me are limitless.

  7. I know whatever path I choose, I’ll be constantly guided and supported.

  8. I enjoy the time and the work I do with KellyMitchell.

  9. I wake up in the morning knowing that what I’m coming to work for holds a purpose.

  10. It’s challenging and rewarding at the same time.

  11. I love being constantly challenged and celebrating the benefits of working hard when I see the results. Wait, how many qualities did you say you wanted? -Sophia

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