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Why We Love Our Open Concept Offices (As Told by Michael Scott)

At KellyMitchell, we pride ourselves on our collaborative workspaces being a huge part of what makes KM awesome. And while, many companies debate the productivity of ‘open-concept’ work spaces, at KM once we made the switch, we haven’t looked back.


One of the best parts about working at KM is our coworkers. Not only do we have fun in the offices but we enjoy hanging out outside of work. Our open-concept offices allow us to nurture and build those relationships. Those relationships then transfer over to allow for better communication on work-related issues and initiatives.


While other organizations struggle with streamlining their communications (all internal emails, intranet, conference calls, video chats, etc.) at KM face to face conversations are our primary form of communication. What we’ve found is that we are able to resolve issues and save time in the process by skipping the chain emails and working together.


Sometimes when we have our heads down recruiting or working on a project it’s easy to hyper-focus internally. Just when your day is starting to drag, someone gets a placement and hits the KM gong. The office pulls together and celebrates them with clappers. To say this energy is infectious is an understatement and hey if knocking down a few walls helps us keep the office energized, then we’re all for it!

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