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2022 Holiday STEM Gifts for Kids

STEM Gift Guide for Kids

'Tis the season for giving — what better way to give than the gift of learning! STEM toys are a terrific way to foster cognitive skills. Science, technology, engineering, and math-focused toys help kids develop problem-solving skills and become critical, innovative thinkers.

With our love of IT always top of mind, we’ve rounded up our favorite STEM toys that would be great educational and fun gifts for kids this year! These options not only foster creativity and support intellectual curiosity, but they promote cognitive and social skills — all important development lessons. There are STEM toys for all types of interests — construction, art, nature, space, chemistry, and robotics.

Magnetic Magic

Kids love magnet toys, and these magnetic tiles are great for building different shapes. It helps build their creativity and work on connectivity while having fun and using their imagination. STEM based toys foster brain development.

Tinker Toys

If you haven’t heard of KiwiCo, you should check them out! Each month they send a box with a new theme — it’s a gift that keeps on giving all year long. There are different subscription lines, including a STEM line. The boxes include everything you need for the activities. Since they change monthly, kids will be entertained with all types of projects — building robots, rockets, or even electric-powered motorcycles.

Tinker Crate — Ages 9 to 14

Mini Drone

The company Holy Stone offers mini, beginner, and advanced drones. The mini one is great for beginners and can be used both inside and outside. Kids are challenged to learn how to use two different sticks in order to change directions while flying the drone.

Practicing the skill set shows kids how to react to changes in flight patterns or the environment, which can help improve their cognitive reasoning skills. This is a fun way to learn about cause and effect, as they respond quickly to avoid crashing the drone!

Coding Starter Kit

This is a really fun one! Osmo-Coding Starter Kit connects to either an Apple iPad or an Amazon Fire [make sure you choose the right package]. A small piece —called the reflector — covers the camera and reads the blocks that are included. The player can connect different physical blocks together to create a unique command — in essence, introducing coding commands!

Kids are challenged to control the character, Awbie, and his actions by matching or arranging the blocks differently for different commands. There are multiple games within the program, so they can work to “level up.” Debugging is half the fun!

Osmo Coding Starter Kit — Ages 5 to 10

A Drawing Robot

Introducing Artie Max — a coding & drawing robot! This is a great STEM gift for artists who also want to learn how to code. With five major coding languages included, this robot teaches kids how to code through drawing.

The advanced coding languages include Blocky, Snap!, JavaScript, Python, and C++. You can create simple designs or complex creations while learning an incredibly useful skill!

Artie Max — Ages 8 to 13

We hope this mini gift guide helps you find the perfect way to incorporate STEM learning for the kiddos on your list this year! Happy Holidays from KellyMitchell!

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