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3 Free Project Management Webinars on Change, Teams, and Agile

PM in Theory – Building a Culture of Enthusiastic Change

There are likely some seasoned Project Managers out there that would consider “Enthusiastic change” to be an oxymoron. This webinar aims to change their minds by tackling change management by uncovering potential communication failures and exploring how to prevent them. While targeted toward Project Managers, this webinar is a great resource for anyone working in a corporate environment.

“We will discuss how to successfully lead an organization through change by effectively communicating with employees, customers, and stakeholders so that they are excited about the change, see the value of it, and actively participate in making the change successful,” (via Click to view the webinar.

9 Habits of Effective Team Building for Project Managers

The team struggle is real for most Project Managers, and projects tend to run a lot smoother in tighter teams. This is why this team-building webinar for Project Managers is such a great resource. Most webinars require a PMI membership to be viewed, but not this one.

“Project professional Bruce Harpham will first show you how to assess your team-building strengths and weaknesses while giving you actionable steps to improve your team-building skills. You will learn how to tailor your team building approach, learn the importance of onboarding, setting expectations, and more,” (via Click to view the webinar.

Agile Project Management: Scrum & Sprint Demystified

If you have ever tried to explain agile to a non-project professional, you may have lost their attention somewhere between Scrum and Sprints. This webinar looks at the situations in which agile should be used, the backstory on agile, and the steps of an agile workflow. This is a good, 180-second refresher on Agile for all Project Managers and will also help you explain it better to others.

“Agile project management is not an approach for every single project, it’s only good for those projects where the end-user may not know exactly what they want, you have the constant variable changing priorities and you have access to a cross-functional team of people who can collaboratively work together at the same time, ideally co-locating,” (via Click to view the webinar.

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