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Job Hunting on the Go


Are you in the middle of hunting for a new job? There’s an app for that! Long gone are the days when job hunting meant scouring endless newspaper classifieds, or even the need to hunker down in front of your desktop. Your smartphone is the ultimate tool in the modern day job journey. But, with so many apps and tools available, you may wonder where to start. Get excited, zealous job seekers! This blog is your one-stop guide to navigating the mobile job-hunting landscape with tips on avoiding distractions during your search. We'll explore some of the best tools and apps to help you prep for landing your perfect position — from crafting your resume to rocking that interview.


LinkedIn Job Search App 

According to the Search Engine Journal, the job cycle on the LinkedIn app just got easier for all parties involved! LinkedIn’s AI will analyze the information you have provided about your employment experiences and skills, determine what information is most impressive, and summarize that information for your headline and about-section summary. And, it will incorporate the tone of voice presented on the rest of your LinkedIn profile to ensure that AI-generated headlines and summaries are personalized to you and your profile. This can help you make a better first impression in search results since your name and headline are shown when your profile matches another’s keyword search. 

Vice versa, LinkedIn’s AI job description generator will help employers craft clearer job descriptions based on differing factors including: 

  • Job title 

  • Workplace type 

  • Job type 

  • Location  

The AI feature will also generate job descriptions based on people in a network — like KellyMitchell’s network — whose skills and experience match the ideal candidate. This means if you are searching for a job within a network, we can match your criteria to your next job faster in your search. Other popular apps that are great resources include Indeed and Glassdoor. They allow you to search for jobs by location, keyword, and industry. And, you can also set up job alerts, so you never miss a new opportunity. 

Resume and Cover Letter Templates 

Crafting a compelling resume is crucial for landing an interview. Thankfully, there are mobile apps that make the process easy and painless. You may have heard of Canva Resume which offers pretty sharp looking templates, but Canva tends to focus on aesthetics. We’d suggest you use that resource for designs — like invitations or greeting cards, rather than resumes. Resume Builder is your go-to resource for a business professional template. The app offers formatting options and suggestions on tailoring your resume to specific jobs. 

Writing a killer cover letter takes time and effort. Apps like JobScan and offer pre-written templates and editing tools to help you craft a personalized cover letter that will help impress hiring managers. Including a cover letter with a resume is always the best professional course of action. 

Interview Practice Apps 

Feeling nervous about your upcoming interview? There's an app for that too! Apps like Big Interview and Hired offer practice questions. According to the American Psychological Association, the purpose of deliberate practice is to achieve high levels of expert performance. Studies also show that due to deliberate practice, an individual will experience high achievement. The apps also include other interview tips and even mock interview sessions to help you polish your interviewing skills and boost your confidence. 

Productivity Apps 

You can complete tasks faster when you are distraction-free and mentally healthy. Productivity apps like Todoist can help you stay organized. Staying focused during a mobile job search can be challenging because while apps are great and convenient, they can also be distracting similar to finding yourself spending hours scrolling through Instagram or TikTok.  

If you find yourself easily distracted when on your mobile device, apps like Forest and Freedom help you avoid distractions and increase your productivity, allowing you to spend more time on your job search. It allows you to set a timer from 10 — 120 minutes, and while the app is open and running, the virtual trees you plant grow. If you exit the app while the timer is running, your virtual tree dies. While this has no consequences because it is virtual, it’s a great motivational exercise to encourage you to stay on task like updating your resume or cover letter.  

Remember, tools are only as good as the person wielding them. Being proactive, persistent, and positive, with your mobile job search journey will help you land your dream position in no time. Bonus tip: remember to optimize your mobile resume and cover letter for mobile viewing. Many hiring managers review applications on their phones, so ensure your documents are formatted correctly and easy to read on a small screen. Happy job hunting! 


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