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3 Reasons IT Recruiting Doesn't Suck


You may have heard the hottest jobs of 2016 are Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and IT Security professionals, but even hotter are the IT Recruiters tasked with finding the skilled individuals that can fill those positions. According to Manpower’s 2015 Talent Shortage survey, IT positions have been among the top hardest jobs to fill for the past 10 years. Large corporations turn to staffing companies now more than ever to help fill mass IT department openings, creating more demand for recruiters than ever before.

There are simply too many candidates and not enough people to match them with great companies. This makes an IT recruiter’s job easy and hard at the same time, but never without excitement! If you aren’t a Data Scientist, but understand a thing or two in the IT field, are sales-minded and outgoing, IT recruiter might just be the job for you. Here are three reasons IT Recruiting Doesn’t Suck.

  1. You change lives, literally- Many people are turned off by sales positions because they feel uncomfortable selling someone they don't know something they don't need. Recruiting is an entirely different ballgame. Not only do the customers (candidate) want the product (new job), but their livelihoods depend on it. The most rewarding feedback a recruiter gets is, "You changed my life." How many other jobs can you think of where a customer might tell you that?

  2. You are in charge of your success- Recruiting has a lot of freedoms.  Sure, working at a large recruitment firm brings friendly competition among coworkers to find the best candidate, but at the end of the day you are out there on your own, working to bring in a bigger paycheck. Many recruiters find that the harder you work and the more hours you put in, the bigger that check gets. Recruiting is very much a sales position and the best recruiters are the ones who are motivated by closing the sale, winning the race.

  3. No two days are the same- If you are the type that needs a little variety in your workday, recruiting is a great job for you. Sometimes you will spend your entire day working with a couple candidates, prepping them for interviews, gathering documents and scheduling meetings. Other days you will be on the hunt, scouring job sites and combing your pipeline for certain skills needed in a given position.

Without further ado, of you are interested in an IT Recruiter position, well we may know a company that could use a few good IT Recruiters... see what we did there? Explore our open IT Recruiter positions in your area.


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