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5 Documentaries to Unwind After Work


Raise your hand if you feel like you’ve watched almost everything on Netflix. Throughout this quarantine, many of us have watched our way through our watchlists, and are left on the search page scrolling and wondering – what’s good? Well, we’ve done the dirty work and rounded up some of our favorite documentaries on the app. Check them out.

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

When it came out in 2015, Minimalism came out to a lot of critical acclaim from film festivals around the country. Minimalism examines the different lifestyles of various individuals and families as they tackle living minimally in their own way. To all the HGTV lovers and KonMari followers, you’ll love this thought-provoking documentary.

Shelby American

Carroll Shelby is perhaps one of the most famous automotive icons. He started out as chicken farmer and ended up becoming one of the most winningest race car drivers in the history of motorsports. After he was sidelined due to a heart condition, Shelby became the manufacturer of the Shelby Cobra. However, the story really takes off as the Shelby, with the help of Ford goes reinvent the GT40 program to beat Enzo Ferrari at The 24 Hours of Le Mans.

7 Days Out (docuseries)

So this one isn’t a documentary; but instead, a docuseries (bonus: more episodes to watch!) As the title suggests, it follows some of the major events seven days prior to the event itself. From the re-opening of one of the best restaurants to the AKC National Dog Show to the finale of NASA’s Cassini mission. No matter the level of interest in these events you thought you might have prior to watching the series, you’ll be blown away by how engaged you become with each of the topics and what an appreciation you have for them by the end of each episode.


Babies follows 15 newborns through their first year after birth and explores both the nature and nurture aspects of raising them. With the help of 36 scientists, we watch as the babies start to figure out life. While the cute babies are enough to keep you entertained, the science behind it all is fascinating and will have Netflix asking: “are you still watching?” Yes, Netflix, leave us alone!

Abstract: The Art of Design (docuseries)

From architects to costume designers to photographers, Abstract highlights artists in various industries and their creative process. Even if art isn’t something you’re interested in this compelling series is about how their work affects people and solves problems. The trailer says it best “You’re looking for a moment when you’re as close to the soul as possible. That’s what good design is.”

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