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5 Questions to Ask Your Manager After Starting a New Job


You’ve landed your dream job: Congratulations! Even though it’s an exciting time, you might be experiencing some first-day jitters. This is completely normal and there are many ways you can prepare to meet the new challenge head-on. Part of the process involves brainstorming questions you can ask your new manager during your first weeks at work. Here are five to consider.

How do you prefer to communicate?

This is an important question given the challenges imposed by remote or hybrid work. It’s important to be flexible and ask how you can best communicate with your manager, especially if you’ve never met them in person. 

What is the best way to get your input and feedback?

Try to establish a cadence for getting regular feedback from your manager, even if it’s short weekly chats or regular emails. This system will set you up for success in your new role while keeping the lines of communication open.

Who should I meet with outside our team?

You manager might already have a list of people you should meet with during your first week or two in a new position, but if not, you should ask them who they would recommend. The adage rings true that it’s not always what you know, but who you know. Understanding the social dynamics of your new company and people’s roles can help you identify the right person to ask for help.

What could I be doing better?

This is often a difficult question but asking it can help you better meet your manager’s expectations, and it shows you are eager to learn. Word your request in a way that allows your manager to frame the feedback in a positive way and focus on areas of improvement.

How can I develop my potential?

Mentoring is very important at a new job, and this question prompts your manager to assess and develop your skills. It also could help you clarify criteria for promotions or other advancements, allowing you to shape your plans in the new role.

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