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Effective Approaches to Continuous Learning


Ground shaking information, evolving best practices, and new tech tools are being released constantly. How do you stay in the game? We never throw in the towel with the avalanche of information cascading around us.

Learning and education doesn’t end once you’ve walked across the stage. There’s a huge world around you just waiting to be explored! When you look at what you use, even daily, you will probably recognize some things that didn’t exist even five years ago.

There is something new being discovered every day — particularly when it comes to specific industries and technology. The latest trends, tools or more effective approaches are popping up everywhere. At KellyMitchell, we prioritize educating ourselves and acquiring new knowledge and skills because we love learning something new every day! Here are a few simple, motivating ways to stay ahead!

Newsletters are Today’s Newspapers

One of the first and most available sources — quite literally at your fingertips — is the huge beast, the internet. If we’re looking to discover something to remove the staleness, Google can be your friend or your enemy. There is a rabbit hole of information pertaining to most topics online. Newsletters are your answer.

The easiest way to discover current information is signing up for their email newsletters or making a point of exploring their social media platforms. Those are the outlets that share highlights. It's important to rely on credible sources that share updated information regularly, so you will want to identify the topic experts.

Staying Competitive

Are you staying competitive in the job-pool? Are you up to date with suggested or required certifications? You compete against individuals with similar backgrounds when you apply for jobs and who doesn’t love a little friendly fire. A comparison between yourself and other industry experts can help you assess your abilities and recognize how you can differentiate yourself to really stand out.

Evaluate and Re-evaluate

Innovative technology is being developed daily, if not hourly. Start-ups are appearing online with new tools. If you want to find ways to make your day more efficient, it may be time to start exploring the latest tools or new companies’ capabilities. Even if you’re content in your day to day or week to week, you can always wonder “Can this be done better?”

Skill Based Training

Interactive, or skill-based training allows learners to gain experience. There are several types which can include shadowing scenarios or role plays. Shadowing allows you to observe other’s responses in different situations.

Skill-based training allows learners to work on responding to real problems or dilemmas to develop and polish skills. Training your skills can also be anywhere from learning time management, alternative sales approaches, or strategy development.

With whatever approach you take, continuous or lifelong learning is an effective habit to adopt. You will shine brighter with new nuggets of knowledge!

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