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A Glimpse Into the STL Startup Scene

SXSW Interactive is kicking off again this week in Austin. This annual gathering of some of the brightest and most innovative minds in technology got us thinking about our very own incubator in St. Louis, T-REx.

You may think Silicon Valley when you think of a hotbed of tech start-ups, but the Railway Exchange Building in downtown St. Louis is home to an incubator churning out innovative ideas right here in the Midwest. Not only is St. Louis home to premier universities and technical talent, but the low cost of living and the inexpensive office space make it an ideal place to start a business.

T-REx supports the successful development of entrepreneurial companies through an array of business support services. T-REx also provides a workspace at little cost to the start-up. The incubator is partnered with the St. Louis Development Corp., St. Louis Regional Chamber and Growth Association and The Community Improvement District.

Like most start-ups, T-REx (Technology at the Railroad Exchange) grew from a simple idea:

Is it possible to breathe new life into downtown St. Louis?

The answer is yes, and today T-REx boasts over one million square feet of space to hold 50 start-ups. Some of these start-ups include:

  • Food Essentials: Making food label data accessible

  • Gremln: Professional social media

  • iTen: Information Technology Entrepreneur Network

  • MobExMe: Mobile media made easy

  • Techli Innovate: Techli covers innovation wherever it happens, whenever it happens

  • Tunespeak: Win for simply being a fan

Startup Weekend STL

T-REx is also home to one of the biggest events in the Midwest- Startup Weekend. Hosted in over 200 cities around the world, Startup weekend is the largest gathering of passionate entrepreneurs worldwide. Startup Weekend is a 54 hour frenzy of business model creation, coding, designing, and market validation. Some of the businesses housed in T-REx are the brainchild of entrepreneurs at Startup Weekend STL.

If you are a tech enthusiast, looking for something new and exciting in the world of technology or have a tech idea of your own, be sure to stop by and check out all T-REx has to offer. Better yet, sign up for Startup Weekend STL and see what it means to become an entrepreneur. Startup Weekend gives entrepreneurs a chance to gain a fresh perspective on the crazy world of startups. Lookout for Startup Weekend STL coming back Fall 2013- you might me surprised at how far a simple idea can take you!

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