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Are you Technical Recruiter Material?

About KellyMitchell

KellyMitchell matches the best IT and business talent with exclusive opportunities nationwide. In addition to competitive compensation and one-on-one support from our team members, KellyMitchell employees have the chance to work with exciting organizations in every industry.

This is an exciting opportunity to join a company known for innovative solutions and unsurpassed customer service. We’re passionate about helping companies solve their biggest IT staffing obstacles. As a women-owned business serving Fortune 500 companies on an international scale, we’re poised to deliver expert help and excellent value at a moment’s notice.

At KellyMitchell, our culture is world class. We’re movers and shakers, we don’t mind a bit of friendly competition, and we reward hard work with unlimited potential for growth. We are an organization of driven professionals who show up to work each day to make a difference in the lives of the consultants we serve, as well as the communities we live in. Meeting personal and professional goals, giving back, and having a blast while building culture are just a few aspects that make us uniquely KellyMitchell.

The Ideal Candidate

  1. Excellent communication skills both written and spoken

  2. Comfortable in a fast-paced goal-oriented environment

  3. Quick learner comfortable being part of a growing team

  4. Successful candidates in the past come from all backgrounds, but candidates who do the best possess the following traits

  5. Can-do attitude

  6. Willingness to go above and beyond

  7. Competition focused background with a desire to succeed

  8. Capable of thinking outside of the box

  9. Customer service experience (restaurant, retail)


  1. Recruit standout IT candidates through networking, market research, recruiting calls and joining professional organizations

  2. Conduct candidate interviews via phone and in-person

  3. Maintain ongoing relationships with all KellyMitchell candidates

  4. Effectively evaluate a candidate’s employment history, education, technical acumen and salary requirements

  5. Conduct reference checks

  6. Facilitate the negotiation of compensation package

  7. Develop new ideas to attract quality candidates to KellyMitchell

Job Requirements

  1. Bachelor's Degree required

  2. Experience in a high-volume phone sales environment preferred

  3. Recruiting and/or staffing experience a plus

  4. Experience in a service related industry preferred

  5. Great attitude, positive energy, passion & desire to be successful

  6. Ability to communicate effectively with various types of people

  7. Ability to multi-task

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