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Be a Gladiator

ABC’s hit show Scandal is a popular watch in our office. Olivia Pope is a high-profile PR

“fixer” in Washington D.C. with an A-list of clients, including The President of the United States. To work for Olivia, you have to be what she calls a “gladiator in a suit”.

Pope and Associates is comprised of a team of lawyers working toward favorable public opinion with their high-profile clients. We all aspire to wear the white hat and to be gladiators in our day to day so, be a gladiator in your office with these five tips.

1. Never Stop Learning

Even though you probably aren’t handling PR cases of a Presidential magnitude like Olivia and her team, you should be indispensable to YOUR team. Never pass up an opportunity to learn something new, especially if it can be applied to your job. You’ll stay vital to your team’s success.

2. Trust Your Gut

When Olivia takes on a new client, she has to be certain they are telling the truth. She knows that if she isn’t 100% positive about her client, it could be detrimental to her and her team. Don’t be afraid to trust your gut, too! If something doesn’t sit well with you at your job, say something! You may be glad you did.

3. Jump In

Quinn Perkins, Olivia’s newest associate, gets thrown in to the job on her first day. She learned the ropes as she went along. My suggestion- be the Quinn at your office. Are you starting a new role soon? Ask as many questions and be immersed in as much information as you can. It’s the only way to move forward.

4. Take Responsibility for Your Actions

You are now a professional. If you make a mistake, you should fix it. Can’t fix it? Find someone who can. In the words of Olivia’s associate Huck: “You screw up, you fix it. You’re a fixer. That’s the job.”

5. Deliver on Your Promise

Do not promise an outcome you cannot deliver. If you cannot perform a task assigned to you, don’t tell your boss you can. When in doubt, make sure you can over-deliver. It’s better to deliver on your promise than to look incapable when you fall short.

What are some of your gladiatorial tips for the workplace?

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