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Be the “Leslie Knope” of Your Workplace

For those who do not watch NBC’s Parks and Recreation, I highly recommend you start watching it immediately. This show will change your life like it changed mine.* Leslie Knope is the star heroine of the show and she takes Pawnee Indiana’s Parks and Recreation department by storm.

Cheerful, ambitious and optimistic, Leslie always puts the needs of her team before her own. Leslie is a role model for men and women everywhere which means we should all try to be more like Leslie in the workplace and here’s how.

1. Be ambitious- everyone loves a go-getter. So go. Go and get those goals accomplished. You know you can do it.

2. Be optimistic- Your day should be filled with happiness and sparkles- all day, every day. Leslie doesn’t let anything big or small stand in the way of her success and neither should you.

3. Put a positive spin on failure- Leslie tends to think when people yell at her, they are “caring loudly” at her. How do you spin a negative situation in to something positive?

4. Know that enough is never enough- Just when you think you are done, you’re not. When in doubt, you ALWAYS have something to do. Leslie fills her free time with organizing the Parks and Recreation Department’s files. She organizes, color codes and reviews them all to stay a step ahead.

5. Remember to have fun with what you do- You work hard so, why not have a little fun along the way? Leslie and her team have their fair share of office fun- town hall meetings, “treat yo self” days, and camping trips fill the Parks and Recreation Department’s fun time. What does your office do to relieve the stress of the workday?

What are some of your “Leslie Knope” tricks in the workplace?

*Show may or may not be life changing.

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