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KM Career Spotlight: Lindsay Maldonado

If you’ve been lucky enough to cross paths with Lindsay Maldonado, it’s no secret that her energy is contagious! She has a passion for people, and her knack for the industry has earned her a permanent place on the KellyMitchell stage [both literally and figuratively – find out more below!]. She has set the bar (and re-set the bar) many times in her 13+ tenure at KellyMitchell. Her journey with us has moved her across multiple states and various roles – from Technical Recruiter to Director of Strategic Accounts.

What Led You to the Staffing Industry?

“I was introduced to the staffing industry through a summer and winter break internship opportunity,” Lindsay shared. Fun fact: Lindsay majored in Chemistry in college! She worked with a staffing organization to be placed in an organic chemistry lab for a St. Louis-based company. But to her surprise, she felt more of a connection with her recruiter than the chem lab! They bonded over coffee and bursts of laughter; Lindsay became very interested in recruitment as a career. After graduating, she took time to build her sales experience before being referred to KellyMitchell.

How Has Your Career Evolved?

Lindsay’s personal career growth ironically mirrors KM’s growth as a company: “When I started years ago, we were more of a regional organization in St. Louis, and we were just starting to expand our national footprint — beginning with opening a brick-and-mortar office in Minneapolis.”

Starting as a Technical Recruiter in St. Louis, she asked for the opportunity to join one of our now EVPs in Minneapolis after just a few months. Lindsay helped build KellyMitchell’s presence and team in Minnesota. After a few years, she transitioned into a Client Engagement Manager role, with a solid recruiting background that provided her with great base knowledge to be successful.

Stage fright holds no bounds on Lindsay — Whether it’s picking up the microphone at an infamous KM karaoke bonding night, or jumping on the next flight to propel her career, she carries the same confident tune. After three years in Minneapolis, Lindsay’s ambition transformed her career again. “I felt I was ready for my next step and reached out to the leadership team to learn that Dallas was the next destination KellyMitchell planned to expand their footprint.” A strategic client of ours was headquartered there, so Lindsay eagerly packed up her suitcase and became KellyMitchell’s market leader in Dallas, TX. Her role was to build an internal team, and she became the regional, [and glowing!] face of KellyMitchell in Dallas where she spent the next five years building partnerships.

When KellyMitchell partnered with an oil and gas client, there was a need for expansion again! — a KM physical base in Houston, TX. Lindsay, never turning down an opportunity for growth, once again moved with KM and was promoted into the role of Director of Strategic Accounts, where she is currently rocking the KM stage today.

What Does Your Current Role Look Like?

Lindsay gave us a little glimpse into her day-to-day: “When COVID hit, the oil and gas industry paused, so I started engaging with some of our financial and airline clients and expanding our presence and relationships in those industries. Now, I work with our strategic accounts’ leadership teams to address challenges with staffing at their corporations and in their specific industries.”

It is evident that as KellyMitchell has grown and expanded nationwide, Lindsay’s role has evolved and been integral in establishing KellyMitchell’s ability to operate across large enterprises and compete with other large staffing companies across the country.

How Do You Believe KellyMitchell is Different Than Other Staffing Companies?

In the 13 years she has been at KM, she has observed an unwavering focus on sustaining agility at KellyMitchell. KellyMitchell’s leadership team commits to driving creative solutions without sacrificing quality. Lindsay shared, “We’re constantly looking at ways to innovate and how we can do things better and more efficiently, by leveraging technology to drive process and value.”

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working at KellyMitchell?

“The people and the autonomy we’ve continued to retain even though we have grown so much as an organization since I started is what I love most. KellyMitchell is nimble.”

She went on to note that, “We’re flexible and agile, and it’s fun. We continue to operate with a mindset that we can always come up with different ideas and solutions. We have retained consistent openness and autonomy within the organization. I like that we [as employees] are heard. Not a lot of cooperations can necessarily say that.”

What Career Advice Do You Have?

Lindsay left us with advice and encouragement — as she always does! “I have found if you are flexible and open-minded, you can have confidence in your ability to grow.”

Thank you, Lindsay, for taking the time to share your experience and your voice with us!— In more ways than one! It is quite an honor to be able to join you on the KM stage — your passion and energy at KellyMitchell is contagious and inspiring to the whole team!

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