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'Tis the Season for Virtual Cleaning!

'Tis the Season for Virtual Cleaning

What does your virtual workspace look like? Are your resources scattered in all the corners of your desktop? Are you updating notes in multiple platforms? We like to maintain an organized virtual workspace to ensure all the information is at our fingertips in seconds — creating a victory in our virtual world!

When you and your team prioritize having an organized, shared virtual space, it can also allow your coworkers to easily find the information they need while minimizing interruptions throughout your day. This helps to keep your train of thought on the right track, especially heading into the new year!

Laying Out the Strategy

With any victory, a strategy is necessary! With a virtual victory, an organized filing system is a great strategy. Before you begin moving files around on your computer, mapping out the structure can save time and headache. Google Docs or Microsoft Word are great tools to tier an outline based on terminology you or your team determines. We tend to begin with folder categorizing— find what works best for your team!

When naming files, consider company or industry terms that may help your team naturally navigate through folders when searching for a document. Including the date a document was edited in the file name, or descriptors such as “final” or “revised” have proven to be helpful. Using underscores between words is also a strong file-naming approach as Princeton University suggests in their file naming best practices.

A Consolidated Storage Space

Depending on your organization, prioritizing a resource folder or one cloud space where you store reference documents can be a powerful tool to help keep the whole team on the same page. Moving items off your desktop ensures the resources you and your team are using are up-to-date with any changes, including new information or branding updates.

Consolidating your storage spaces means you only have to search one area instead of three or four different storage spaces on your computer, which can be time consuming. Organizing your virtual desktop increases your efficiency — thus, a virtual victory!

A Browser Bookmark Bar

Another great way to save time and clean up your virtual workspace is to bookmark popular sites you use. The bookmark bar has been around a long time, but still holds its own when it comes to organizing your virtual space! There is limited visible real estate on your browser, so saving your top links to your favorites on the bookmark bar can be super helpful. This may seem like a small or old task to adopt, but we think it can be super impactful.

An Organized Inbox

Do emails flood your inbox? Is information and communication becoming buried? We are all about organization and moving emails to specific folders help us keep communication categorized.

With the right strategy, an organized email creates proficiency. Maintaining an organized email system helps keep track of notable events and stay on top of the latest news.

While some of these organizational efforts may seem a little daunting and time consuming with the initial set up, in the end, it may help save precious minutes throughout the day. We hope these tips inspire you to prioritize organization and assist in a 2023 virtual victory for your team as we wave farewell to another year.

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