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Favorite Microsoft Teams Apps


In an increasing hybrid work world, where we flex between virtual and physical meetings, many companies have turned to various communication platforms to unify their teams. One that’s risen to new heights since the pandemic began has been Microsoft Teams.

At KellyMitchell, we’ve been fans of Teams since we’ve seen how easily it’s helped us stay connected across our 18 offices during the last year. So how can you level up your Teams experience? By adding apps to it and we’ve got some of our favorites here for you today!

If you wondered about how to create a poll in a Teams chat channel, Polly is the app for you. While many are familiar with Microsoft Forms, Polly is a more straightforward format for quick decision-making on collective questions. We’re already planning our next Polly poll on where to order lunch from next week.

In the last year, we’ve all worked to find balance, but our health and wellness have certainly been at the forefront of many people’s minds. Health Hero works within Microsoft Teams to create challenges, track goals, and even allows you to set up competitions with coworkers. So whether you lean on colleagues or use the app privately, consider Health Hero your new accountabilibuddy!

Are your inboxes weighing you down as you try to keep up with them? MailClark is here to help make managing all your communication streams easier. What does that look exactly? Essentially, MailClark allows you to roll a bunch of shared inboxes into one teams tab so anyone can answer emails, tweets, Facebook messages, etc. Additionally, if you want to use it personally, it allows you to roll multiple inboxes into one just for yourself.

You heard us write about the Asana platforms multiple times as a great way to manage both personal and team projects and tasks. With Asana for Teams you can turn conversations on Microsoft’s platform into action items that Asana can help you track and manage. It can also send notifications to a specific channel when there’s an update in Asana on a project.

What’s an easy way to increase productivity, wellbeing, and mood all at the same time? Microbreaks. Sometimes, we get so hyper-focused it hurts our productivity. For those reminders on when to briefly take a break, Breakthru has got you covered. Use it as a group or individually; this app is the gift that keeps on giving. The app is tunable, so you get to pick what type of mood you’re in to help maximize the microbreak and even set reminders.

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