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Friday Favorites: 5 Apps to Help Practice Mindfulness


Over the last two months, we’ve rounded up many of the ways our KellyMitchell Team has been keeping themselves busy and their minds sharp. As cities around the country take the initial steps to re-open their communities, your mind might have no trouble going a million miles per hour.

With that in mind (pun intended!), we’ve put together some of the best apps to help you practice mindfulness. So, now close your eyes, take a deep breath, and press play — just kidding. Keep your eyes open, your going to want to read these first.

Insight Timer

Insight Timer is a wonderful application that allows you to decompress via guided meditations, music, and talks posted by contributing experts. The platform allows you to navigate it based upon which area of mindfulness you would like to tackle.

Whether you would like to focus on achieving a better night’s sleep or tackle your concern with anxiety, Insight Timer is there to help. They offer a free library of meditations as well as a member plus edition that allows you to unlock hundreds of insight courses and other premium features for $60 dollars per year.

Offered on iOS and Android


Calm is a beautifully designed app that will have you feeling relaxed from the moment you open it with its peaceful nature sounds and breathtaking motion landscape background. Calm offers peaceful stories narrated by a soothing voice that allows you to simply sit back and listen while you unwind.

Each story is classified by a narrator or genre that allows for simple navigation. Calm like Insight Timer also has a meditation aspect that offers guided meditations broken down into categories based on which area of mindfulness you would like to meditate upon. While there are many aspects of Calm offered free of charge to get unlimited access to the application the premium feature costs $5.83 per month.

Offered on iOS and Android


At $18 a month Glo may seem a tad steep for a yoga and meditation app membership until you find out all Glo has to offer. Glo features thousands of classes covering yoga, Pilates, and guided meditation led by around 50 different instructors.

Glo allows you to obtain mindfulness through the outside in while exercising your body and mind. The app is easily navigated allowing you to search through classes by category or keyword. Glo offers a personalized experience based on your goals and life stages.

Available on iOS and Android


Portal is a great way to unwind and relax your mind. Portal’s design concept is a little different than that of other meditation apps. Instead of promoting relaxation through guided meditations, Portal uses your visual and auditory senses to transport you to other breathtaking parts of the world.

The app offers realistic moving soundscapes to accompany the surround sounds of nature to make you feel like you are encompassed by the scene. Portal is a great app for relaxing and putting you to sleep if you struggle with insomnia. The app is free of charge, so you can test if it is a good fit for you at no expense.

Available on iOS


Headspace is a meditation app that offers a daily program that teaches you how to meditate and then utilize your new learned skills. The app guides you through meditations using cute animated cartoon-like figures designed to keep the app light and simple. Headspace is a great app to use if you do not have a lot of time to devote to meditation.

The app allows you to choose which meditation you would like to perform categorized into time intervals of 5, 10, and 15-minute sessions. You can use a free version of Headspace to see how you like the style of the app but must pay a charge of 12.99 per month to access the meditations beyond the introductory ones.

Available on iOS and Android

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