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Friday Favorites: 5 Plants to Keep You Company While WFH


Whether you’re WFH indefinitely, working remotely occasionally, or just want to refresh your desk, one of the best ways to do that is to add a plant! Those who keep even just a small plant on their desks had lower stress and anxiety levels. Or perhaps you pick a plant that can help you improve your indoor air quality.

Maybe you just like the look of the added greenery! Whatever reason speaks to you, there are so many plants out there to choose from so we asked our resident plant lady, Amber Connors to share her top 5 picks!

Most Versatile: Dwarf Fiddle Leaf Fig


The fiddle leaf fig tree is one of the most indoor “plants”, we put plants in quotations since it can get pretty large! So as an alternative, the dwarf fiddle leaf fig is the perfect substitute for its larger version.

The dwarf fiddle leaf fig will only grow to about 4 feet tall but does well in a smaller pot set on your desk or can be impactful on the floor in your office as it starts to grow. It’s also fairly low maintenance, only needing attention when the soil is completely dry.

Best Good Luck Plant: Lucky Bamboo

While its name is somewhat deceiving since it’s not truly “bamboo”, it is traditionally given as a gift of good fortune. So place on your desk or gift to a coworker to symbolize a life filled with prosperity. Lucky bamboo is small enough to set on your desk and only requires partial light and not much water at all.

It won’t grow very large so it can easily be transported to sit on your desk when you’re back in the office. Perhaps one of the biggest draws to lucky bamboo is that it comes in lots of styles, colors, and shapes so there’s no doubt you could find one to match your space!

Best Low Maintenance: Snake Plant

Snake Plant (Large) – Potted Plants, Delivered by Léon & George ...

Need to ease into the plant life? A snake plant is a great option because it is basically impossible to kill. You can forget about it for a month and only to find that it will maintain its look in all that time.

While there are smaller options for a desk or shelf, we love this vertical plant next to our desk on the floor. The more you care for it, the taller and greener it will get which will be fun to watch in quarantine, especially if you have kiddos at home.

Best Hanging Option: String of Pearls


The name is as adorable as it looks! This super fun plant you can set on a shelf but it is at its best hanging from the ceiling. The pearls will continue to grow all the way down to the floor as you care for it.

As they grow you can easily cut strings off to make more plants to scatter around your desk or to give to a friend. Be warned though, it does need a good amount of light and water when the soil begins to dry.

Most Useful: Aloe Plant


If you’ve ever gotten a sunburn, you’ve probably heard of using aloe lotion to soothe your skin. Enter the aloe plant! This is one of the more practical plants as you can cut pieces off to use the gel after a sunburn or just as a moisturizer or in a smoothie to reduce inflammation to name a few ways to use it. The aloe plant does prefer direct sunlight but only needs to be watered once a week. New pieces will grow quickly after cutting pieces off to use.

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