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Friday Favorites: Best New Podcasts from 2020


This week marked the reopening of some of our offices on a limited capacity basis (yayyy)! It has been fun to connect with friends and get back into the swing of things (like picking a mask to match your work outfit). One of the things that comes with this transition back to the office, is the reintroduction of our daily commute. So whether you’re taking the L or driving yourself, you’re probably looking for a way to jazz up your travels! To do so we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite *new* blogs of 2020! Check them out below.

In partnership with the online job board, Indeed, Behind the Talent highlights interviews with people who find talent in different industries. Host David Mead is an internationally-recognized consultant in helping people and organizations create a strong culture. In the podcast, he speaks to recruiters for a plethora of roles, from professional athletes to entertainers to even CIA agents. Though there are only two episodes out so far, this is one you should definitely hit follow on!

Remember that crazy daily trivia app that was all the craze in 2017 but had a hard fall from grace shortly thereafter simply called HQ? Well, this podcast examines just that and what went wrong. Behind the scenes of what many users thought was just a fun afternoon game where you could win a couple of bucks, was quite a few twists and turns and a whole lot of drama! The podcast even has the inside scoop from the HQ Trivia Slack channel! Definitely not one to miss!

Launched In partnership with Spotify, renowned fashion designer, Diane von Furstenberg’s new podcast sets out to highlight the stories of women from a myriad of backgrounds and industries. The goal is to meet these icons in the places that hold special meaning to them to have deep conversations “about the journey of life and survival”. Pop culture junkies will love her interviews with the likes of Kris Jenner and Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

As its title suggests, this podcast isn’t about Drake. Okay, it kinda is but isn’t. The podcast, hosted by Ty Harper and produced by the CBC, breaks down major moments in Drake’s career. Instead of just talking about these moments in the context of Drake, they use them to examine the history and evolution of hip-hop and R&B. And it continues to delve deeper to discuss gender dynamics and Black culture. No matter where you stand on Drake’s music or even hip-hop in general, this is a must-listen for sure!

While there are only four episodes, “My Year in Mensa” is one of the most acclaimed podcasts to be released in 2020. Comedian Jamie Loftus initially took the test as a joke but as the title suggests, she ultimately finds herself spending the Fourth of July in Arizona with 2000+ Mensans. The podcast takes you on that journey through the chaos that leads her there. With the episodes in the 38 to 44-minute range, they are perfect for your commute to and from work or to even listen to as you get ready to head out to the office.

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