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Friday Favorites: Best WFH Workouts


With most gyms and workout facilities closed right now due to the Covid-19 outbreak, at-home workouts are becoming more of a necessity right now. So we’ve rounded up four of our favorite workouts to get you moving and grooving and burning some calories while you WFH.

Blogilates 14-Day Quarantine Workout Plan: Free

Instagram fitness guru, Cassey Ho shared a 14-day quarantine workout routine. You can find it on her Instagram page (here) or on her blog (here). Each day she runs you through the workout on her IG story and keeps those posts in a story highlight as well. The best part about the plan is that she’s made it into a checklist so it’s easy to follow along day by day even if you’re a couple of days behind what she’s doing on her story.

Get Moving with Disney Family: Free

These workouts are sure to be hit with the whole family but especially for your kiddos. Pulling inspiration from some of our favorite Disney movies these guided workouts are a great option to fill in the “P.E. time” while kids are homeschooling. The workouts even pull in clips from the movie to really bring it home for them.

Mom and dad, don’t be afraid to join in, these workouts are sure to get everyone’s endorphins up. The best part, they are all under 15 minutes long so they are great options if you need to take a quick computer break. Our personal favorite is the Jungle Book-inspired workout! You can check them out here.

FitOn: Free (unless you opt for a pro account which is $69.99/annually)

If you’re looking for a free workout app that gives you unlimited access to workouts by celebrity trainers, FitOn has you covered. These workouts are always available 24/7 and always FREE! You can select what your goals are, what equipment you have access to (none is also an option) and voila, FitOn creates a personalized plan tailored to your goals.

Best of all for those BFFs who are social distancing right now, you can even join their “WFH workout challenge” you can do together from afar. We also love their pre/postnatal workout and if you want to know more about that before committing, watch Gabrielle Union’s “3 Minute Home Workout with Your Baby” here.

Peloton: Free 90-day trial, $12.99/month after that

No longer just about the bike or their Tread, Peloton’s app has expanded to other class offerings. Classes include everything from yoga, boot camps, outdoor running classes, strength training, etc. Classes are both live and on-demand so it’s perfect for whatever your schedule is. Plus using Airplay, Chromecast or the Peloton app for Amazon Fire TV you can even watch classes on your TV.

So don’t let being stuck at home hold you back from your fitness goals. Take charge and use this time to your advantage and even save on your gym membership!

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